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doors open: 20.30 hrs.
start first live act: 21.00 hrs.
Mirusi Mergina is a composer & musician from Tilburg. With synths and samples she creates raw and intense sound experiences. Her style can be characterized as dark and eclectic and include synth- and voice based soundscapes, drones, noise and syncopated rhythms.
Nondeju! is a synth oriented project with ever changing setups. The style can be best characterized by mysterious, harsh, fuzzy, futuristic and thick sounds. The music features different layers of synths, distortion, noise, feedback, lots of effects and trippy beats.

Merging their creative worlds leads to a parallel universe. By clashing styles and trying new combinations they uncover new dynamics.
Classically trained, Madmoizel draws upon many different influences, from neo-classical to electronic music. Known for her captivating live-act, she handles the machines like a conductor leads his orchestra. Her gestures and powerful voice transform her performance into an electronic narrative and an encounter with the dancefloor. Both unclassifiable and recognizable, Madmoizel plays a music of her own.

Froe Char is the solo project of Christina, based between Paris and Bruxelles.
After various tapes and years of concerts and collaborations (she’s also present in the duo lllustration Sonore) Froe Char develops a sophisticated sound, dark and foggy.
Froe Char combines synthetic spells, techno rhythms and mesmerizing vocals, which are highlighted in the debut album “Fossils » in 2013. This is a collaboration between Modern Tapes and Spielzeug Muzak label, where she’s involved.
Her last work is out now on Da!Heard It Records, « Panoplies », tuning in the hybridity of all the past and present energies from dark wave, techno-tribal rhythms and industrial-noise layers. – release
Poxcat is a female collective dedicated to support DJ’s by promoting their work.
They commission and repost DJ mixes and They like to organize parties.
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