GIFGROND#74 – SATURDAY JANUARY 18 – doors open 21.00 hrs.
Belly button windows for whales & other mammals. 
Environmental reflection and circular feedback on a wall of sound by noise canceling headphones & ambivalent creatures. 
Hans Timmermans & Jeroon the Lyor
HIRVIKOLARI is a collaborative improvisational project featuring Chlöe Herington (Välve, Knifeworld, Chrome Hoof), Mike Bourne (Teeth Of The Sea, MƐTƏL) and Samuel Barton (Teeth Of The Sea). Utilising modular synthesizer, brass, reeds and FX and a fragmentary musical approach, they draw on influences such as John Zorn, Jacky Chaleur, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Jon Hassell and Oren Ambarchi to make music that is sinuous and unsettling yet somehow drawn to its own epiphanies.
After going back to the drawing board, one in which multiple coloured seeds had been nicely pecked away in the secretive laboratory of the chicken barn; the poisonous poultry bounces back from a detox session, courageously brave enough to go straight into the danger zone that is “Gifgrond” in an energetic attempt to provide an infection of beats, eye-twirling melodies and eggy fun. 
Expect badly executed songs about food, rhythmic sounds of nasty body fluids to jump on and probably some bits of ‘psychedelic children music’ that might sweep up the toxic grounds for an brand new level of infuriating happiness. Hopefully proving once more that it’s possible to create a beautiful cross between a Dadaist children’s entertainer and a cheerful mental breakdown with a bit of punk salad on the side!
DMDN (owner of Antenne Recordshop) will spin his records at this Gifgrond event! There’s no escape from this most amazing DJ of all time! So dance or die!