Finally…a new brain damaging GIFGROND#75 Saturday May 14th!!
GIFGROND’s new jacket..
  • reservation is necessary! (
  • doors open (30 minutes earlier): 20.30 hrs.
  • start first live act: 21.00 hrs.
Nova Guardia is originally coming from Crimea. At a time when so much around us seems to be over-thought and over-processed, it can come as a relief to encounter the sound of Nova Guardia, whose pure analogue synth acts as an antidote to the self-conscious and the manufactured. With its raw energy and unfiltered modular directness, uncompromising vocals and dirty edged aesthetic, Nova Guardia gives us a sound that never fails to affect.
Hassan K. is a French-Iranian artist. For more than 10 years, Hassan K has been boundlessly blending Persian rituals with new technologies, the West with the East, surf music with belly dancing, swing with cyber-metal, film scores with harsh noise… Hassan K. crafts his tools, bends or upgrades traditional eastern instruments (electric setar, sensors, robotized santoor) in order not to indefinitely linger within virtuality and to lead spectators towards a trance-like, intensively energetic live.
Froe Char is the solo project of Christina Char, based between Paris and Bruxelles.
After a various tapes and years of concerts and collaborations (she’s also present in the duo ” lllustration Sonore) Froe Char develops a more sophisticated sound, dark and foggy that combines synthetic spells, techno rhythms and mesmerizing vocals, which are highlighted in the debut album “Fossil” in 2013, a collaboration between Modern Tapes and Spielzeug Muzak label. Her last work is out now on Da!Heard It Records, « Panoplies », tuning in the hybridity of all the past and present energies from dark wave, techno-tribal rhythms & industrial-noise layers.
DJ Krikkrak will provide an unbeatable toxic set!
Kai Nobuko many thanks for the Toxic Flyer!