GIFGROND#66 September 15th
Doors open 21.00 hrs. – Damage 7 euro
FRACTALIUM is an audio-visual duo from Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, residents of local cult place Black Ho. These guys bring the light of Saint Fractalium, an enlightening nectar for those who are tired of conventional music, using only computers and controllers. They are inspired by bands like Autechre and Coil.
CRIMSON BUTTERFLY is an experimental electronic duo from Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. For 10 years of activity, the band has created a rich and eclectic catalogue of releases and gained local cult following for its sonically and visually intense live concerts full of improvisation. Crimsons are known for stylistic variation of gigs and releases from rough dance themes and multi-layered glitches to raw and meditative drone ambient.
RADERKRAFT is a solo project by Willem Stinissen based in Amsterdam the Netherlands. There’s no escape from his powerful 80’s analogue and knocking electro sound! He released his first 4 track EP “Keine Richtung” on Testlab Records in december 2016. Testlab Records is a music label owned by legendary Dutch DJ/Producer and pioneer of the Dutch Electronic music scene: Eddy de Clercq.
Review of Robbie Geoghegan, Igloo Magazine: “Stinissen mentions his love of pre-MIDI sounds and Raderkraft certainly has an uncluttered style. The coldness of electro is ever present, but there is also a freewheeling quality to his music. With respectful nods to past fixed forms, this stripped down outing has that individual streak that makes it stand out from the angular crowd”
DJ Bs will spin his records and attack your brains. You have to be schock-proof to withstand the emotional assault!