GIFGROND#84 Saturday december 9th!


Doors open: 20.30 hrs.
Start first live-act: 21.00 hrs

PAKKYONE is a puppet dressed with tattered clothing, safety pins and rags found in a small abandoned farmhouse. It is not capable of talking but speaks an odd language, made of sound graphemes and head tilts. Built without face and eyes, it sometimes borrows masks of various shapes in order to observe the world and avoid tripping. Pakkyōne is a crooked work by Valerio Mirone, noisemaker and singer.
Valerio Mirone is a multi-instrumentalist and scholar of throat singing and overtone singing, in the past he has performed as an actor and a composer for the Teatro del Baglio di Villafrati. Member of Lelio Giannetto’s Contemporary Sounds Unity and external collaborator at the Italian Cultural Institute in Tokyo and Curva Minore cultural association for contemporary music. Currently works as a translator, musician and performer: Utveggi (4 albums, a tour in Japan), Pakkyōne (an album released in 2023, this tour in Europe), Monogatari and Wadi Ensemble of the Merz Foundation are some of the projects he’s part of.
ERIK ALALOOGA is a hopeless machine-addict. Whatever he does or touches, result is always a mechanical machine. And then he plugs his machinery in and it produces sound. Using mainly analog-technology creates a critical position against progress. Technology is usually treated as a a tool for gaining an advanced position in everyday competition. Self-made DIY machines step voluntarily out of this narrative. It is personal and it is beautiful! 
The construction of the pyramids still remains a mystery for the most part, as does that of the origin of MISS TETANOS, a trio of warm-blooded reptilian metallurgists using the electromagnetic waves of their 6th sense to carry out a new bewitchment session for humanoids, disembodied in search of sensations of ultimate symbiosis with a post-industrial world that escapes them.
SSIM SONATET III has all the paraphernalia of the emotional elevator, with its system of evil pulleys with well-oiled cogs that rushes towards the telluric entrails of rivers of molten metal, where the mechanical vibration of fluids allows the formation of a pharaonic Black Wave, the one that never ebbs away. “
by El Chinaski
DJ RIKKERT will play a selection of music, broken records and poor quality mp3s.
KAI NOBUKO thanks again and again for the toxic flyer!