GIFGROND#83 Saturday OKTOBER 7th
Doors open: 20.30 hrs.
Start first live-act: 21.00 hrs

13 Year Cicada are gonna play their first show in the Netherlands. They are bringing their 3rd album ‘haha gravity’ (Gandula/Barcelona, tomatenplatten/Berlin, BlauBlau Records/Zurich), a drum kit, a bass, a synthesizer, 3 bass amps, a voice and most importantly 3 samplers. 
The trio from Berlin will have toured more than seven years and tons of concerts all around by the time they arrive, merging post-punk, r&b, noise, dub, softness, screaming and dreams of a radically different future.
This duo from the capital of french Flanders forms a couple both on stage and in real life since 2015. Influenced by The Kills, New Order, or even the B-52’s, their sound is at the crossroads of pop-rock, electro and new-wave. 
Glamorous, their glittery aesthetic sustains a disco and nervous rhythm, coated with fuzzy bass and guitars. Tailor-made for live circuit in a small club or at the borders of Western Europe, they share their furious desire to dance, it smells like holidays in Berlin and the 80s dancefloor! 
After a self-released demo, quickly appears the first album “Oh my…” in 2016 (Manic Depression/ Swiss Dark Nights). “Chew-chew” (Manic Depression / Swiss Dark Nights), their second album released in 2018 appears to be even more dancing. 
Their third album “Collect & reject”, even more influenced by a disco and electro atmosphere, was released on March 25, 2022, after two colourful videos singles “Joan” and “Love like capitalists” (club edit).
Or different: Once upon a time and one has always pretended as if. Until at the end, when all drums collapsed into eachother, somewhat weirdass sticks, not really working at all and devices for noise and guitars and a little prank, the voice always suppressing a little laugh. It’s a bit of a dump, this band, imagine a car too small, the dog needs to sit somewhere and for the thousandst time something falls apart, you need to phone Texas for a replacement piece for Christ’s sake or see whether there is something stored somewhere in some hole. Yes and then there is schnaps, yes and then there’s an argument and a music of unfulfilled dreams, it’s possible to be on the quest for something until the end, throughout this crap life, and probably preferably together, within this crooked triangle. Far into the night everyone gets along again and accidentally invents a wondrous language, folded onto a sofa in the farthermost attic or truck without windows. And the dog urinating polytox, in the place where it’s the most beautiful.
Text: Alice Galizia
Translation: Zooey Agro
At this edition of Gifgrond, dj KrikKrak will enter a musical symbiosis with colleague-experimentalist Rikkert. Their absurdistic style frames and supports the live-acts of the evening, with a desire to reach, together with the dancing audience a hot climax.
Glitter and Sparkle in a nutshell | Toxic Chicken | dog park (