GIFGROND#78 SATURDAY november 19th


reservation is necessary! (
doors open: 20.30 hrs.
start first live act: 21.00 hrs.
Unfortunately comfort had to cancel this event due to personal reasons. All the best to comfort!
AME DE BOUE (FR) WILL come instead.
The nocturnal soundwork of Parisian musician Dasz Kowalski wears an expansive palette of musical styles, combined to form an exotic gestation ripe with darkness. A sound journey akin to a walk in the existential garden of being. Human voice versed in various tongues with organic and electronic accompaniment. A strange neighbor to the worlds of Pop and Wave. A soul of mud in the garden.
Gabor Kovacs is a Brussels/Budapest-based musician and visual artist, also an alumni artist of the Shape platform. Active in a number of projects, he works with a wide range of genres and sounds, although his main output is Uj Bala. Uj Bala merges noise, psychedelia and fringes of techno and summons the rhythmic skeletons of dance music to bring order to his backdrop of mangled synth noises.
 ¡ Duflan Duflan ! is a belgian band (Bass / Drums / Vocals + Analog Synths) which aims at propagating virtuous properties of satanic disco doom, accelerated new wave and (un)world music. Influenced by robot monsters, forgotten primitive powers and dead insects. ¡ Duflan Duflan ! plays poorly and loudly.
In the depths of its immortal Hard Drive Dj Sajjrita founds another warm and humid session of South American and nowhere tunes. The laptop “spinning” will be splitted between Andean folk, noise, lysergic underground, the inevitable Peruvian chichita, some bolero to cut veins plus whatever the muse of the intoxication will inspire. All filtered by the magic and naughty fingers of Sajjra giving a delayed feeling of tropical kraut – post paniko.
Member of ¡ Duflan Duflan ! Her toxic artwork will be injected in your brains during GIFGROND#78.
KAI NOBUKO THX<3! for the delightful GIFGROND#78 flyer!