GIFGROND#68 – December 15th
Doors open 21.00 hrs, start live acts 21.30 hrs. Damage 7 euro.
DRIVING WITH PENELOPE (NL) is an one-man-band hailing from Tilburg. DAW driven danceable songs about endless doubts, turbid thoughts, dead-ends, and being together alone. Paradoxical blend of vigorous beats and numbness. Oh, be quiet and drive.
RYSKINDER AND THE NEW AGE (ISR) is a Tel Aviv based band. Their shows are a wild fusion of live electronics, punk attitude, hip-hop beats and warm psych rock riffs. A new EP titled “Depths of the Short Memory” is out on Eindhoven’s “Stoked 7” Label – Stroomhuis. Get your mind mad & hypnotized!
DEEAT PALACE (FR) is the solo project of Marion Camy-Palou. The parisian artist reveal a corrosive and hypnotic electronic music live set. Heavy and metallic percussions deployed in icy shrilling atmospheres. Her rough inspirations come from noise and techno and throw us back to the roots of industrial music. It’s reminiscent of Genocid Organ, Military Position or the more actual Puce Mary.
ROCCOW (NL) produces electronic dance music with Gameboys. As part of the Dutch EINDBAAS Collective, he spreads the word about chipmusic, which refers to music made with old video-game consoles. With groovy rhythms, playful melodies and an expressive stage pressence, RoccoW demonstrates power hidden in these old and forgotten handhelds.
DJ DMDN (NL) is the owner of Antenne Recordshop in Tilburg and will spin records of his exceptional collection at this event!
A new LP of his soloproject from 1984-1986 is just released on the Supreme Tools Supplies label from JACINTHEBOX. There’s no escape from this most amazing DJ!
From 13:30 ‘till 16:30 hrs. ROCCOW I’ll be hosting a workshop on making music with a Gameboy. Participate in the workshop and get free access to the show of this event!
In this three-hour workshop, he talks about the limitations and hidden powers of this well-known handheld console. He will be demonstrating his workflow and help you kick-start your chiptune career! No experience needed!
What do you need?
Headphones/earbuds and a Gameboy. If necessary, RoccoW will provide you with a Gameboy for the duration of the workshop!
Date and time: December 15th, 2018 (13:30 to 16:30)
Location: Gasthuisring 19G, 5041 DP Tilburg
Costs: €30,- 
Sign up: Send an email to with the subject “Workshop Gifgrond 15-12-2018”!
Credits to Kai Nobuko for the toxic flyers!