Sat March 4 we have another Gifgrond get-together with a hot line up for you! Don't miss it because it's going to be wild once again! Doors open at 2100 u with a set by new kid on the Gifgrond block dj BS!

line up:

META MEAT - Both electronic musicians and composers, Somekilos (half of 2kilos &More) and Phil Von (co-leader of Von Magnet) also share a passion for percussions and rhythms.
Their common project entitled META MEAT associates the source of flesh (MEAT) with its passage beyond (META).
META MEAT is a very physical live act bound to propel our bodies and souls into another state, a state of release and trance, incarnating a wish to elevate our animality towards a higher conscience of being.
The duo fights together a vibrant duel. Their joined skills and energies combine real drumming & beating (Somekilos), real stamping & banging (Phil Von) together battling against twisted virtual synths samples & machines. The electronic sounds being treated as radically as the acoustic percussions played by the two musicians, the musical result turns out sounding utterly "tribal".
Enhanced by the magnificent production and mixing of Def, this first album is a Samurai pact, a commitment to raw musical integrity and an oath to elegant barbaric sonic power.
And if this album was a weapon, the perfect soundtrack for our actual world wars? Cruel, merciless, sad, pandemic but harshly accurate. When two antagonistic cultures scrape and collide against each other, Occidental versus Oriental, modern versus archaic... even adding the Eastern Asian third part into the balance, so to stir an even more complex and brutal electro-ethnic blend.
How can we envision a better world?
Let us first try to transcend its poignance.


BISMUTH is a two piece band raised in January 2012 consisting of Yuri Landman & multi-instrumentalist Arnold van de Velde (ex-Feverdream, Neon Rainbows, Eklin).

The two play on an interesting collection of instruments, stalled out as an impressive exhibition. As might be easily misjudged, the result is not just random experimentation, but highly rythmic music with a dancable vibe. A mixture of experimental noise rock, dance and gamelan music.

For the second time around on Gifgrond but with a fresh new approach!


PS Yuri Landman of Bismuth will master a workshop Build your own Daxofoon during the daytime. For more info check this website!


BERRY DE JONG - About tree years ago Berry de jong started thinkering with electronics. 
Discovering that you could do some great things with them. Like repurposing an old
gameboy for music, or a joystick that sends midi to vj software.
Elaborating on that find he dove more into it and found this mysterious realm of circuitry,
digital ánd analog. Distortions and noise, but also a desire for structure.

Having performed in various styles of sound and image, a new mix of his finds will
be connected and played during this Gifgrond. After all, visiting Gifgrond fuelled the fire for Berry to 
perform at Gifgrond in the first place!


DJ BS spins no Wave and experimental electronics from seventies and early eighties before, after and in between!