Sat April 15 we have a brand new Gifgrond event with a super hot line up for you! We are happy to welcome the following guests on our stage!


Nid’pOul are from Nancy, France and describe themselves as ‘abrasive noise rock and an epileptic disco machine filled with crazy synth sounds and drum blast beats while distorted guitars kindly saw ears..
Curious? Check out this link and come and see them live!


Tel aviv's Low-fi expressionist Ryskinder creates a unique kind of
loop based rock by unleashing beats and guitar riffs from his sampler
and singing in Hebrew about politics and love.
his live shows are a wild fusion of psychedelic & hiphop and rock
music and are always partly improvised.
Releasing five albums up to date, RYSKINDER is one of the most
acclaimed acts in Israel's underground scene and a true visionary of
RYSKINDER toured extensively around Israel and played support for the
bands "Mac de marco", "Dirty Beaches" and "Jeffery Lewis". He also
toured twice in Germany."

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DELETED MEN are Michel Morel, Paul Beekhuis and Eelco Verkuil. They combine their noise music with electronic sounds, are seldom satisfied and improvise to fulfill their needs.



Not too long ago we had Stijn Selecter for the second time on our Gifgrond. It was a blast and many of us danced like there was no tomorrow.
We'll ... he’s back!