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DAWID LIFTINGER (AUT) F 18W T8 G13 865 is a highly concentrated audiovisual performance with a self built instrument. Through a digital interface via software, Arduino and relays, the fluorescent tubes are turned on and off, controlled by the performer. Only the sound and noise produced by the tubes itself are recorded and (without manipulation) amplified. The high pitch sounds from the starters, the low hum from the ballast. What you see is what you hear, and what you hear is what you see.

LOVATARAXX (FR) is a cold wave / electronic expé duo that produces minimal impulsive dance beats softened by hypnotical voices. Their layers of synthesised sound and heavy bass riffs are deeply mingled with the dark pop sounds of the drum boxes and their chant drowned in delay tells stories influenced by Mythology and Sci-Fi style novels. The music created is somewhere between the 80 's synth wave and experimental dancable dark pop. Their musical influences range from Suicide, to D.A.F, Tuxedomoon, Front 242 or Fad Gadget.

SATELITTE (FR) their music is a kind of strange mixture of experimentation lost between the atmospheric side of krautrock and the strength of post-punk. With many synths, voice and guitar Satellite installs a landscape inspired by the music of Cocteau Twin, HTRK & the Soft Moon."


LONE TAXIDERMIST's debut album ‘Trifle’ is a gallery of grotesquery not recommended for either the nervous of disposition or lactose intolerant. Arriving from a nocturnal world of sex and skullduggery, these irreverent and outlandish ditties exist on a unique psychic realm in which profane and profound happily step out together on the lash - a collision between the high-maintenance and the kitchen sink that’s a feverish spectacle to behold. Their performance harmoniously marries glamour and gluttony, frozen summer fruits, gelatine, custard and cream and is a true spectacle not to be missed. The proof, in this case, is very much in the pudding. 

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DJ DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE for sonic adventures and dark dance!
Co-owner of Ordo Viatorum record label. Produces records under the alter-ego Onont Kombar.