GIFGROND'S 1 0 t h y e a r a n n i v e r s a r y !

Who would've thought that Gifgrond would last this long? Not us. We thought we would only last a couple of events before police, neighbours and the good taste club would crash the party. But 10 years later we are still on a roll. Goes to show!
Gifgrond even became the most well established, underground and truly independent podium for wicked outlaw music in Tilburg, celebrating the self organised and self made! Thanks to the visitor, participant and performer!
And for this we will personally thank you on this special night.

And.. we present you on stage the following line up! (not in this specific order)


TOXIC CHICKEN (from planet Zhark)

After nine years of hanging out in the sun wiggling around in the hammocks of Thailand, avoiding his bird-land the Netherlands as the plague, the 10th anniversary of its beloved Gifgrond was the only thing in the world to make the free range intoxicated chicken come back to the land of cheese, wooden shoes and coffee shops.

First he thought to celebrate this special occasion to do some kind of micro psychedelics in audio form, than he got confused and thought to do some outstanding pop songs instead. But he probably will not be able to stand on legs, see things and function so who knows what happens... armed with a craptop and with his golden voice, (one so special that Celine Dion once screamed out loud that she "wanted it") Toxic Chicken might sing love songs about cats, chickens, anarchy and "you" as it's beloved and faithful audience. Or maybe he would just come and puke over it & your favorite party would experience a electric power failure..

In any case He sincerely hopes you like it, but in all honesty isn't all that bothered if you don't. He is about to recharge on toxicity, reunite with the Gifgrond spirit and that's all that counts! Dare to be chicken, very pock!


KOLFSKOP brengt Cambozola superster!

Een eigenzinnig trio met een pakkende en beklijvende live reputatie. Met nummers zoals 'Verloren kinderjaren'‚ 'Het zwijn uit de schaamstreek' en 'De strooptocht van de legermieren' brengen zij u een mix van poëzie, rock en cabaret. Een opkomend fenomeen in het muziek- en theaterlandschap. Strak, avontuurlijk en begeesterend.

Luister, aanschouw en leef mee met het lot van de superster.

"... Drie Hiëronymus Bosch -tronies die hun leven inkleuren met muziek, woordkunst en heel veel verbeelding ..." - Gonzo Circus
"... Enchanting atmosphere...a band with potential, and surely one to follow ..." - Peek-a-boo-Magazine
"... Één voor één songs die je letterlijk bij het nekvel grijpen." - Snoozecontrol
"KOLFSKOP blijken dus vooral meesters in het verheffen van muziek tot pure kunst, zoals grootheden als inderdaad Frank Zappa , Nick Cave en Tom Waits". - Snoozecontrol


PINKCRASH concerts are totally improvised. They combine field recordings, samples and text to create soundscapes in real time. Their performances can go from trash to almost pop to beatsy jungle to total poetry. Open-ears and edge-of-seat stuff, Pinkcrash is more of an experience than a concert. » (france/ australia)


A line up of dj's for the night:


BS Does eighties wave and punk and minimalistic and much much more!


HERR G Does 'A quick grab out of a vinyllcollection which covers all genres. This time the tags will be #eighties #punk #industrial #guitar and #wave


STIJN SELECTER is known for his dico weirdness and glittery good looks! Bring your dance shoes!

DMDN -- needs no introduction!


Doors open 2100!

damage 7 euro