SUNDAY JULY - safe the date. Closing summer session! Cold beers, toxicana party and good food and free download music!

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WIEL SEUSKENS a.k.a. DJ FIESTA, and MARCEL CUYPERS a.k.a. MC TOXICANA: two different people, two different stories, two roads to one common outcome: FIESTA TOXICANA

Wiel, raised near a gravel sorting plant, a railway bridge and a fair, is mainly interested in technique and weird sounds, ending up programming online porn sites and shitty music stations.
Marcel, born in a piano and bred among clarinets in a village with five cardinal directions, becomes a musician who considers all musical styles to be possibilities and opportunities rather than choices, tastes or identities.

From the early age when they once met, both shared interest in early prog rock and crude humor, a taste that nearly got them both expelled from high school, and a creative friendship was born forever.
It only took another 40 years before they decided to harass the world with their self-proclaimed co-ingenuity, starting in Tilburg. As a modest but sincere tribute to the illustrous Tilburgian GIFGROND-venue, their newfound collaboration was named FIESTA TOXICANA.

FIESTA TOXICANA is a No-No-Nonsense Electro-Acoustic Anti-Jazz Sound Combo, free and improvising, non-esoteric, anti-dramatic, without any intellectual concept or meaning. It has no political message, it has no economic use. No animals are going to be harmed in this performance. Any resemblance to any other sounds or music is merely coincidental.

FIESTA TOXICANA's first digital double-album is called ONE TWOO and can be downloaded free from WIELS.NL and/or MARCELCUYPERS.NL


7697 Miles

Project formed by Cristóbal Rawlins from Santiago, Chile and Dieter Mauson from Hamburg, Germany. Their music is mainly electronic based but also contains ambient sounds. going in to a deep in a herbal trance this trip goes from Curarrehue, in the Mapuches lands to Europe.


RawC: Furthering the audio niche he's chainsawed out for himself in his tin shack studio, deep in the deep noise of Santiago De Chile. The influence of his decaying urban surrounding is plain to hear in his definitively Raw productions. Channeling the chaotic noise of the bustling cityscape into an pollutioned groove to combat the daily torment of the outside world.

Plus the infamous DJ SAMPELMANS!


After the live acts there is opportunity to have some bites to eat! Thanks to Lilly!