GFGRND01, Sat April 14 2007, with Autonon, Staplerfahrer, Franz Fjodor, Ines Inez+Victor Zorro, DMDN and the birth of the GIFmix, our toxic house drink!

autonon Sjak
ineke bar
GFGRND02, Sat Oct 6 2007, with Alexandra Popovska, Aliona Yurtsevich, Kania Tieffer, Sah Selecter, Undercover Disco
Alek02 KaniaT

GFGRND03, Sat Febr 23 2007 with The Snout eating Livers, Peter Quistgard, Toxic Chicken, Gijs Gieskes, DMDN, Sah Selecter

pics by Joris Hoogstede

snout PQ
ToxicPQ2 PQ3Sah
GG en publiek  

GIF04 our first GIFSunday April 20 2008 with Good Enough For You, Het Langspeelorkest and Trans Luv Airlines!

pics by Joris Hoogstede

karin GEFY
Simone Willem

GIFGRND05 , June 21 2008 with Deader's Rigest, BERTIN, Harry Merry, JAB!, Miss T and DMDN

JAB! Harry Merry
Deader's Rigest Sjak

GIFGRND06 Oct. 4 2008 with <STRøM>, MyStahr, Machinist & Industrial Passage, DMDN and Bart Hard

We showed the animation film Evolizer by Jan van Nuenen



bart MyStahr

GIFGRND07 Sunday Dec. 7 2008 with Fyoelk, Heidi Mortenson, TVBuddha's and Just_So_Nah

pic Fyoelk by Tijn de Kok


Heidi M

Sjieke DMDN GIFGROND's house DJ, DMDN, Dressed to Kill at the NewYears bash!

GIFGRND08 Sat Febr. 14 2009 with Neurobit, Nanobots, Coolhaven, djBots and DMDN

pic's Frank Janssens



DMDN Coolhaven

GIFGRND09 Sun April 19 2009 with Bakeliet, Dream Society & friends and Salmonel

pic's GIF/Frank Janssens

Bakeliet Salmonel


GIFGRND10 Sat June 7 2009 with Princesse Rotative, Holzkopf, RaaskalBOMfukkerZ and DJ Bertin and Vera's fruity cupcakes!  
djBertin PrincessR02
Princess R01 PrincessR03
Holzkopf RaaskalB01



GIFGRND11 Sat 3 October 2009 - Enfant Terrible label night with Distel, Dolina, The Dreams and dj M  
Dolina The Dreams
dj M Distel

GIFGRND12 Sat 28 November - Festival Indisciplinaire with Giovanni Martedi (visuals), Peter Quistgard vs Computer Truck, CHDH and Sinead O'Connick jr.

Thanks to the Takeaway Tape Show for broadcasting this crazy festival!

Giovanni PQvsCT
CHDH Giovanni2

GIF NewYearsEve2010! with Logosamphia, Milligram Retreat, DMDN, Neugeboren Nachtmusik and Sleeze Selecter!

Milligram R DMDNny
Logos Nachtmusik
Sleeze MR02

GIF13, Sat. February 27 2010 with Kord, Monster Apparat, Adolf Filter and DJ M

pic's Frank Janssen

Kord DJ M
AF audience
MA Monster Apparat

GIF14, Sunday April 25 2010 with Oo is an Instrument, Her Highness, Yes...PinkPink, dj Boris Becker and Wilma's Wonderful CakeCreatures...

pic's Frank Janssen

Her Highness dj Boris Becker
Yes taart
Oo is an Insr  

GIF15, Saturday June 12 2010 with The Brain's #100 party: Divag, Syndrome WPW, Logosamphia, Dipswitch and PaRadoXwave

pic's Frank Janssen

Syndrome Syndrome
Logos Dipswitch
brainfood Divag

GIF16, Saturday Oct 9 2010 with TEP, Laser Poodle, X Burger Swarth, Burial Hex and DMDN

pic's Frank Janssen

DMDN X Burger Swarth


Laser Poodle
Burial Hex Burial Hex02
GIF17, Saturday Dec. 11 2010 with Spoelstra, Monodeer, Sololust, Just_So_Nah and dj Boris Becker!  
Just_So_Nah Monodeer
dj Boris Becker Sololust
Spoelstra Come Party
GIF NewYearsParty Friday Dec. 31 with Two dead cats and a frying pan, Ich Auch, Irrlicht Project, Gameboys a gogo and DJ Goofsan!  
Ich Auch2 two dead cats
Irrlicht Project Ich Auch
GIF18, Sunday February 6 2011 with Fressnej, Trans Luv Airlines, Elvis Trauma Center and dj Rudi Volller!  
Fressnej TLA!
dj Rudi V  
GIF19, Saterday April 2 2011 with Lucia Lip, raving Mad Carlos and Earth Control!  
Earth Control LL
S&L RMCarlos
GIF20 XL, Sunday May 8 2011 with Logosamphia, Guzik Danst, Lafidki, Gregaldur, Les Trucs and Dj Klaus Augenthaler  
Logoss Gregaldur
Guzik Danst Les Trucs
Lafidki logos2
GuzikD GIFmoms
GIF21, Saturday June 4 2011 Gifgrond vs Enfant Terrible with Redtheplaneeet!!!, Cute Heels, Staatseinde and dj M  
RTP Staatseinde
djM Cute Heels
GIF22, Saturday October 1 2011 with Ichi, SchnAAk, Ben et Bene and dj Down the rabbit hole! Ichi
SchnAAk Ben et Bene

GIF23, Saturday October 29 2011 INCUBATE vs GIFGROND a Cultuurnacht edition, with Sightings, Lucky Dragons, The feeling of love and Illum Sphere.

pics Frank Janssen

Lucky Dragons Sightings
Feelingoflove Illum Sphere

GIF24, Saturday December 17 2011, with Hassan K, BikeCore, Logosamphia, Kans Hassan Babba and dj Ibrahim Kazoo

pics Frank Janssen

Hans Kassan Babba Hassan K
Logos BikeCore

GIF25, Saturday March 5 2012 with Madmoizel, John Fanning, Ben Butler & Mousepad and dj Down the Rabbit Hole.


John Fanning Down the RH
GIFGRND26 Sun April 15 2012 with Mittland och Leo, Laser Poodle, Moemlien and dj Boris Becker.. giftaart26
Moemlien Mittland
GIFGRND27 Sun 25 May 2012- Fnessnej, Donné et Desiré, Secret Mommy and Dj Sampleman Donne et Desire


Secret Mommy

GIF28 Sat September 11 2012 with Anatopia, Younes Riad, Mary Ocher and Stijn Selecter.

Mary Ocher
Anatopia Anatopia
Younes Riad  
GIF29 Sat October 14 2012 with Visitors, Eigenheimer & Renée van Trier, Kees Hogenhout, Le club des Chats and Dj Boris Becker! E&VT
Le Club KH
Dj Boris Becker visitors
toxic cake The Lost RR
GIF30 Sat December 9 2012 with Protuberansen, Clockwork Orchestra, The Lost Rodeo Rider, Kim Ki O and dj DMDN!  
CLockwork O Protuberansen
GIF31, Sat February 23 2013 with Good Cop Naughty Cop, Dagora, Lucia Lip and dj Ibrahim Kazoo! Dagora
Good Cop/ LL

GIF32, Sun April 7 2013 with Zea, Every Bolt Rumbling, Vallonia and Down the Rabbit hole..!

Vallonia Down the RH
Every Bolt Rumbling Zea
GIF33, Sat May 8 2013 with Bonne Humeur Provisoire, Asian women on the Telephone, Oso el Roto and dj Ibrahim Kazoo!  
GIF34, Sat June 22 2013 with Osica, Roro, Le Singe Blanc and Dj Down the Rabbit Hole! Roro
GIF35, Sat October 5 2013 with Floris Vanhoof, GwEm, Toka Lügenvater and Dj DMDN! GwEm
toka Floris Vanhoof

GIF36, Sat November 9, 2013 with Loud Objects with Greg Fox, Casperelectronics, Non Horse and dj Ibrahim Kazoo III


Non Horse Ibrahim KazooIII
Loud Objects