GIFGROND started on April 14 2007 - celebrating its 10th anniversary this year!

We never thought it would last for more than 3 shows but what did we know?

The first acts to enter the toxic stage were Autonon, Staplerfahrer, Franz Fjodor, Ines Inez+Victor Zorro and dj DMDN. We also witnessed the birth of the GIFmix, our toxic drink till this day.. cheers!

Here you see an impression of what we experienced over the last 10 years ... just a random spin of craziness, talents and the best people in the world!

ineke PQ
PQ3 Toxic
DR01 Coolhaven
Dolina Logos
Princess R01 PQvsCT
Milligram R MR02
DJ M dj Boris Becker
Kord taart
Monster Apparat Yes
DMDN Oo is an Insr
Logos Dipswitch
brainfood Divag
Feelingoflove X Burger Swarth


Laser Poodle
Ich Auch2 Come Party
Fressnej ETC
RMCarlos LL
S&L Gregaldur
Guzik Danst Les Trucs
Lafidki GuzikD
Staatseinde GIFmoms
RTP Ichi
SchnAAk Fnessnej
Sightings Lucky Dragons
BikeCore Burial Hex

CLockwork O

Donne et Desire Madmoizel
BB Secret Mommy
Mary Ocher Mittland

Younes Riad

Le Club KH
LL The Lost RR
KimKiO Dagora
Good Cop/ Zea
Vallonia Down the RH
Oso el Roto
Osica Le singe b
Non Horse Ibrahim KazooIII
Loud Objects Oscar der W
JankenPopp Occupied Head
Franco M dj DRH
GIF39, Sat June 14 2014 with Attic Ted, Puh Quh, Spoelstra and DJ Ibrahim Kazoo III  
Spoelstra Attic Ted
Ibrahim KazooIII Puh Quh
GIF40, Sat November 1 2014 with Bear Bones Lay low, Nathan Kelly, Rogier Smal - Nora Mulder duo and dj DMDN. dj DMDN
SmalMulder Bear Bones
GIF41, December 13, 2014 with Asuna, Mimi Kawouin, Former Descent and dj Down the Rabbit Hole  
Asuna Mimi Kawouin
Former Descent Dj WTRH
GIF42, Sat Janary 24 2015 with Irrlicht Project, Törst Obborun, Bismuth and DJ Ibrahim Kazoo jr! Special guest toxic masks thanks to Toxic Chicken and Linda8bit! Toxic
Irrlicht TObborun
Bismuth Toxic Chick

GIF#43 March 28 2014 with Muvic (plays with Alice), TAV Exotic, Jelle Buma and dj FAKE!

pics by Wilfred Slobbe

Jelle Buma
Muvic TAV Exotic
GIF44, Sat May 23 2015 with AWOTT, Little Debbie, Eric Arn, Jung an Tagen and dj DMDN  
Jung an Tagen Eric Arn
GIF#45 Sat Juli 4 2015 with Joey Molinaro, Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva, Clockwork Orchestra, and dj Down the Rabbit Hole. Celebrating Logosamphia's 12th jubilee... Skull sweets by lovely Linda8bit!  
clockwork Joey Molinaro
Bruno Logos
GIF#46 Sunday Aug 30 2015 with Uské Orchestra, Dumber, Jaaja and dj Zachte G  
dj Zachte G Dumber
Uske O Jaaja
GIF#47 Saturday Oct 3 2015 with Fetter, Duke S, Yva & the Toy George and dj Alexa D!saster (photo's Wilfried Slobbe)  
Yva and Fetter
Duke S ALexa Disaster

GIF#48 Saturday November 14 2015 with Industroika, HAG, Eli Gras and dj Down the Rabbit Hole (photo's Wilfried Slobbe)

Industroika Eli Gras
GIF#49 Saturday December 13 2015 with Senor Sandwich, Gelbart, Ikuska and dj Sampelmans (photo's Wilfried Slobbe/Frank Janssen)  
Ikuska Gelbart
Sampelmans Senor Sandwich
GIF#50 Celebration on Saturday March 5 2016 with Lucia Lip, Cordyceps, Sampelmans, Ibrahim Kazoo III, Down the Rabbit Hole and DMDN (photo's Wilfried Slobbe/Frank Janssen) and Toxic Cake thanks to LindaPinda! GIFCAKE50
Sampelmans DMDN15
GIF#51 Saturday April 23 2015 with Tellavision, Lovataraxx, Staatseinde and SEER (Frank Janssen)  
Staatseinde Tellavision
Lovataraxx SEER
GIF#52 Saturday June 4 2016 with Manu Louis, Retrigger, Hassan K and dj Logosamphia Hassa K
GIF#53 Saturday october 1 2016 with V.E.X, Tont, Jonas van den Bosche & Villem Jahu and dj Down the Rabbit Hole VEX
Dj Down17  
GIF#54 Saturday November 19 2016 with Arma Agharta, Hexenschuss, Crever and dj Stijn Selecter. Crever
Arma HexenschussFr
dj Stijn Selecter  
GIF#55 Saturday January 14 2017 - Gifgrond invites the Dutch Enfant Terrible label with Onont Kombar, Embers, Roberto Auser and dj M. Roberto Auser
Onont Kombar Embers
dj M Roberto  audiendce

GIF#56 Saturday March 4 with Berrie de Jong, Bismuth, Meta Meat and dj BS +

The results of the Build your own Daxofoon workshop!

Berry de Jong
Bismuth Meta Meat
djBS Daxofoon workshop
GIF#57 Saturday April 15 with Ryskinder, Nid Poul, Deleted Men and dj Stijn Selecter. dj Stijn Selecter
Deleted Men Nid Poul
GIF#58 Saturday June 3 with Beast Nest, Big Debbie, Enright and dj Down the Rabbit Hole. Beast Nest
Big Debbie dj Down
GIF#59 Sunday July 9 with Fiesta Toxicana, RawC, 7697 Miles and dj Sampelmans. RawC
Fiesta Toxicana